Privacy Policy

PRIVACY NOTICE LAST UPDATED ON 1.8, 2018 IntroductionKirobo Ltd. (“Kirobo”, “we” or “us”) has created this Privacy Notice to demonstrateour firm commitment to secure and trustworthy internet commerce and the individual’sright to privacy. This Privacy Notice sets Kirobo privacy policies and practices inrelation to information that is collected by us […]

Can I automate password generation?

To automate sending/receiving transfers between two machines, without them using and holding the same passcode, you can use a plain text field ‘hint’ when sending, which will give a hint to a receiving system on what algorithm/passcode to use, without actually exchanging one.

Can I use my IDs to mark transactions?

To ensure that no one can somehow identify or compromise the send (including Kirobo, the recipient, and potential intruders), Kirobo’s API generates separate IDs for incoming and collecting transactions. To identify your transactions and group them by ID, you can use the ‘owner’ field when sending transactions. You can use […]

Can I use my encryption?

Kirobo uses it’s own encryption mechanism, which allows it to encrypt/decrypt the transaction without ever knowing the passcode, thus providing an extra level of security for the client’s data in case of a breach.